Rabbi Mendy & Mazal Sternbach joined the Chabad Nigeria team in the summer of 2020 with a focus on youth and programming. Their son Avremel, is an integral part of the team.

Rabbi Mendy, who hails from ​Brooklyn, NY attained his Rabbinical ordination at the Manhattan Sephardic Congregation and his Judicial ordination from Rabbi Z.N. Goldberg of Jerusalem. A veteran volunteer of global Jewish community work, he has served communities in California, India, Russia, Ukraine ​and ​France with educational ​and holiday programs and spent many summers as a counselor ​in Jewish camps ​around the world. 

Mazal , a French native, began teaching Hebrew School at the age of fifteen! She received her teachers certification from the Beis Chaya Mushka Seminary in Montreal. Upon graduating, she worked as a youth counselor and director for challenged teens in Milwaukee, where she also provided extra curricular activities for ​a network of local youth groups.​ She brings her vast experience, and warm, welcoming spirit to her programs, her classroom, and to all those she meets.
She is a paragon of work-life balance, diligently raising her son while working full time. Mazal's Shabbat table is legendary—her culinary creations and gracious hosting leave guests thoroughly sated, both physically and spiritually.